Well here we are, once again!  I welcome all of you to RTWDesigns.com, as you can see this is a project of mine that has been ongoing as long as I have been evolving into my chosen profession.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate to be a part of a great many things in my lifetime.  Some where incredibly exciting, others were challenging if not difficult at times.  While even others would leave me thinking if I’d ever get the chance to do it again!  In the early part of the 80’s, I was branching out all over the place with creativity just pouring out of me in all directions.  Everything from Hand Sketching with pencils to Digital Artistry on Amiga computers, even more-so music took a big hold on my life.

In High School I was always involved with both Art and Music, both kept my creative side motivated and focused.  Once I was on track with playing in rock bands of varying kinds, I also took my talents as a designer into it with me.  I would design the band’s Logos, Posters, Flyers, Mailers, Business Cards, everything that would be needed for a band to market themselves.  Through those years I became friends with a family that made me feel like I was a part of their family.  Both Tommy and Lorena Jordan both helped me explore my creativity both in Artistic and Musical forms, even to this day they are a big reason behind why I’ve come this far.  Tommy is an incredible Photographer, for whom I’ve been part of his experiments in such where he used me to test different techniques on.  He also was my band’s Photographer several times in the past.

As they say, you learn a lot by watching those around you.  It is very true!  Lorena helped me a great deal to understand my musical side, helping with such things as Tuning my instrument, vocal practices and much more.  I would later participate in Talent Shows with them at their church and as well their Fall Festivals.  Even during the month of October I’d be helping them build a Haunted Cave ( That’s right, Cave not House! ) which really was a great challenge as it let me explore another side of my creativity by building Sets, Props, Effects, everything you could think of and more.  Even a side of me doing Acting as I played a part inside, of the Vampire!  Again, even those nights as we were closing, Tom would bring out the camera and begin shooting.  From looking at all the work he’s done throughout the years, both as Portrait, Wedding and Events.  I became more and more curious over time if I could ever come close to being able to achieve such greatness.

After the opening of the World Wide Web, I was already hitting yet another new direction where my creative side lead me.  More often now I was doing my artwork on the computer using such tools as CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint, while learning how to make use of HTML even more than just the tad taste of it I got doing BBS systems.  Doing full blow websites in no time, I started learning how to edit images, especially Photographs that I found were not to my liking.  I’d find bad colors, blurred faces, just so many things on images that I would have loved had they been done right.  Between this, my band, the internet, my spectrum of artistic work was quickly branching out constantly.  Fast forwarding a bit, I also began doing websites and photography for bands locally.  I had built a template and filled it with content based on the band.  It would be what really started me in the direction of  what I loved, which was to offer a service and get enjoy still more of my artistic side in the field I truly loved, Music!

Now days I don’t do as much web design but I have taken my photography to the next level and have been actively advancing in it for almost eight years now.  Instead of a fixed point and shoot 3 MP camera, I now use a Nikon body with several lenses at my disposal.  I’ve worked in the Graphics Design Industry as well over the past 12 plus years, working for Sign Companies, T-Shirts, Posters, just about anything you can think of I’ve designed it.  Now I combine both my Photography and my Graphic Designs together, complimenting each other side by side every step of the way.  It’s great to go out and shoot your own background scene, your own custom images without having to pay for a stock photo when you can do your own just fine.  It’s a great time and I have fun doing what I do.  Learning something new every day, from many others around me.  Always looking for a better way to achieve different artistic approaches.

What I bring to the table now is a very vast array of talents that really cover multiple directions in the world of Digital Artistry.  I pride myself in a lot of ways for being mostly self taught and the way I approach learning new techniques and skills.  Some look at me and ask is my glass half full or half empty?  I tend to respond that I’m always trying to find new ways to fill that glass!  Point is, you never stop learning, try not to think of it was either or, just do!  As a very small green guy once said “Do or Do Not!” which I get a good chuckle out of because it’s so true.  In everything I do, I try to keep an open mind, approach what ever I’m doing in a way that I could learn from it.  No matter if I make mistakes or not, learning from what you do is valuable.  Now you have a lot about me in the smallest possible space, don’t be a stranger!  Check out this site often, as I have big plans for myself and a few of my closest friends!


Robert Wright