So Far, So Good!

November 18, 2015

Well it’s taken a lot of time to get to where I’m starting to see structure, organization and a look that feels easy on the eyes as well as easy to navigate through.  Still have a long ways to go, as I’m shooting to have this site at or as close to 100% before January 1st 2016.  A lot of thought is still going into every detail, it would be easy to get carried away with a lot of fluff.  Now days I want my site to give quick and easy access to my work and information, than to bog it up with animations, fancy graphics galore and all that clutter.  For now I’m also shooting for pretty much an Ad Free site, if I ever do add any to this site, it would be very selective and in that I’m very picky what would be put on here.

In the upcoming days, weeks, months or just time in general.  I plan to open the site up for having discussions on topics that are covered here on the site itself.  First I’ll have to decide how I want that to work, how it will look, so it will be easy to manage as well keeping it simple.  This is my place of work, as well a place of sharing fun and exciting things with all of you who come here.  So I promise it will never become the cesspool that some sites ( that will remain unmentioned ) have become now days.  My goal is to meet like minded Designers and Photographers as well those of  you who want to break into or learn more, sharing with everyone that is here what I’ve learned and hopefully help at least a little along the way.

RTWDesigns.com will continue to change as I move along gradually.  As with all websites of this nature, they are always a work in progress.  You get new ideas about how you could and sometimes how you should have done some things.  Then you test, test some more, then re-test till you’re happy with the results.  Then it comes time to bring on the new!  That’s something I’ve always loved about website design and it’s by far what keeps it fresh for me.  Stay in touch, come back often!  Most of all have a wonderful time with whatever you’re doing!


Robert Wright

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